Course Details

The classes are for all parents and primary caregivers of babies from birth to one year old.

A course in Baby massage lasts five weeks. Each weekly class lasts 1 hour and a half hours. The classes are kept quite small, between four and eight at a time.

The course fee is currently £50.00 and includes a folder containing illustrations and desriptions of the massage strokes, course notes and articles, a vegetable massage oil sample, refreshments and a course certificate.

Class Strucure:

  • Learning to massage a different part of your baby's body each week
  • Learning a colic routine
  • Gentle movements
  • Touch relaxation
  • Group discussion and chat about different parenting issues
  • Refreshments

You are the only one who massages your baby. The instructor will use a doll for demonstration. The massage strokes are reviewed each week. Please bring a towel and changing mat long with your changing bag. It is ideal for you to wear loose, comfortable clothing so that you can sit comfortably on the floor.

Most importantly - we welcome babies to be babies, so please do not be concerned about class times coinciding with their sleep or feed times. There will be bottle warming facilities available, Massage strokes will be repeated each week so if you are feeding, or your baby's sleeping, you won't miss out.



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