What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy recognises that abnormalities in the function of a body's structure leads to pain and disability. The aim of treatment is to address structural imbalances to restore normal function and therefore good health. Osteopathy is a popular manipulative therapy that has become part of mainstream medicine.

The osteopathic philosophy acknowledges the body itself should maintain good health by maintaining a state of harmony and balance. A holistic approach (whole body, mind and spirit) is used to identify a source of imbalance (diagnose) and treat a person accordingly.

Techniques used by an osteopath to treat mainly musculo-skeletal conditions focus on soft tissue manipulation and mobilising the joints.

Cranial Osteopathy influences the movement of cerebrospinal fluid by gentle manipulation of the structures of the head. This in turn treats the whole body. This is a very gentle technique and can be effective in the treatment of young babies and adults alike.

Spine ManipulationCranial Treatment 


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