Postnatal Massage

As far as essential oils are concerned they are used primarily to re-address the balance of the hormonal and emotional levels post birth so that feelings of low self-esteem aren't allowed to get out of balance. Post-natal blues are common and it is normal to feel quite tired and weepy for a couple of days after the birth. Post natal fatigue and adjusting to motherhood can be helped with aromatherapy, taking time to recover and adjust. Continuing with massage after giving birth will give you some "me" time (which you shouldn't feel guilty about) and help you adjust to life after birth and help your body recover.

Post-natal massage quickens the body's healing and boosts energy levels. It helps to soothe frayed nerves and help promote tranquil sleep.

There may be some minor discomforts after birth and aromatherapy massage can help. Shoulders, upper back and neck can be under strain after breast/bottle feeding and your back and arms may be sore from lifting your baby so massage can help deal with these new physical demands.


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