What to expect

Initially we will discuss your pregnancy and your general health. I will ask you whether there are any particular areas you would like me to address during the treatment. After your first trimester and six weeks after giving birth essential oils will be used in the massage blend and we can discuss any likes or dislikes you may have.

There may be certain conditions that may or may not be related to the  pregnancy that would restrict you from receiving massage. For example women at risk from pre-term labour, women with blood clots or clotting disorders, gestational diabetes etc. Please express any concerns at time of booking your appointment. I may recommend you to have written notice from your doctor or midwife before receiving massage during pregnancy. Again, this can be discussed on the phone or during your consultation.

I will always ask Mums-to-be whether they feel comfortable having their bump massaged and whether they have a particular position that they feel comfortable/uncomfortable sitting or lying in.

Then I will lay you on one side and cover you with a large sheet. You will have a pillow under your bump to support your baby and there will be a bolster cushion under your upper leg, this will make you feel secure and comfortable on the couch. Soft music will be playing so you will be able to drift away and relax fully. I will then expose your back, neck and shoulder (only the area being massaged will be exposed) and massage using an oil or blend of oils. After your first trimester essential oils will be used in your massage blend. Before this, the fragrance of the oils can be inhaled either using a diffuser or on a tissue that you will have on your pillow. Then the same will be applied to your legs, feet and ankles. This encourages unwanted fluid to drain as it is very common in pregnancy to have fluid retention in the lower body. I will then ask you to turn on to your other side, and the same routine will occur. If you have requested your bump to be massaged I will ask you to sit up gently where you will be supported further using bolsters and pillows in a semi-reclining position. I will then expose your belly and then after applying oil I will use gentle stoking movements without applying any pressure.This helps to keep the skin supple and elastic and relieve tension at the sides of the body. Babies tend to love this part! I will finish with a lovely facial and scalp massage if you so wish.

Usually by the time the massage is over Mum-to-be is totally relaxed. You will then be able to rest for a little while and then be helped off the couch before leaving feeling refreshed and content.

Aromatherapy blends and creams may be purchased so that you can use them at home. In particular, creams to help prevent stretch marks, gels to use on tired and puffy legs, oils to use in the bath. These options will be discussed during your treatment.



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